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* * 250 MB disk space
* * FTP account Zend encoder supported
* * 6 GB monthly transfer
* * Online file manager Ion Cube support
* * Free FTP software
* FTP account and File Manager
* Control Panel and Automatic Script Installer
* MySQL databases & PHP Support
* Free tech support
* Addon domain, Parked Domains, Sub-Domains
* Free Community Access (Forums)
* Clustered Servers
* No ads!

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ProHosting - Free Web Hosting
ProHosting - Free Web Hosting
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* * 100 Megabytes of Disk Storage
* * 1.2 Gigabytes of Monthy Bandwidth
* * ProBuilder Site Builder
* * FTP account
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* * Unmetered traffic - to prevent abuse there is a 5GB/day limit. When you need more contact us.
* * 500 MB (!!!) Webspace -- 10 MB file size limit
* * PHP 5 (v5.2.4) with GD2 library, Zend Optimizer, php curl, php magickwand (support for ImageMagick 6.3), php sockets, php xml, xsl, php soap and much more!!
* * Zend Optimizer support
* * Ioncube loader support
* * MySQL 5 support (v5.0.45) - one free db per account; database size is not limited!!!
* * SSI Support (Server Side Includes - .shtml)

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