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HOME > PHP Manual > gopher_parsedir - Translate a gopher formatted directory entry into an associative array.




(PECL net_gopher:0.1-1.0.0)

gopher_parsedirTranslate a gopher formatted directory entry into an associative array.


array gopher_parsedir ( string $dirent )

gopher_parsedir() parses a gopher formatted directory entry into an associative array.

While gopher returns text/plain documents for actual document requests. A request to a directory (such as /) will return specially encoded series of lines with each line being one directory entry or information line.



The directory entry.

Return Values

Returns an associative array whose components are:

  • type - One of the GOPHER_XXX constants.
  • title - The name of the resource.
  • path - The path of the resource.
  • host - The domain name of the host that has this document (or directory).
  • port - The port at which to connect on host.

Upon failure, the additional data entry of the returned array will hold the parsed line.


Example #1 Hypothetical output from gopher://

0All about my gopher site.               /allabout.txt         70
9A picture of my cat.                    /pics/cat.png         70
1A collection of my writings.            /stories              70
hThe HTTP version of this site.          URL:    70
1Mirror of this site in Spain.           /                   70
iWelcome to my gopher site.                                            1
iPlease select one of the options above                                1
iSend complaints to /dev/null                                          1
iLong live gopher!                                                     1

In the example above, the root directory at knows about one DOCUMENT identified by 0 located at gopher:// It also knows about two other directory (which have their own listing files) at gopher:// and at gopher:// In addition there is a binary file, a link to an HTTP url, and several informative lines.

By passing each line of the directory listing into gopher_parsedir(), an associative array is formed containing a parsed out version of the data.

Example #2 Using gopher_parsedir()


$directory as $dirent) {

The above example will output:

Array (
  [type] => 0
  [title] => All about my gopher site.
  [path] => /allabout.txt
  [host] =>
  [port] => 70
Array (
  [type] => 9
  [title] => A picture of my cat.
  [path] => /pics/cat.png
  [host] =>
  [port] => 70
Array (
  [type] => 1
  [title] => A collection of my writings.
  [path] => /stories
  [host] =>
  [port] => 70
Array (
  [type] => 254
  [title] => The HTTP version of this site.
  [path] => URL:
  [host] =>
  [port] => 70
Array (
  [type] => 1
  [title] => Mirror of this site in Spain.
  [path] => /
  [host] =>
  [port] => 70
Array (
  [type] => 255
  [title] => Welcome to my gopher site.
  [path] =>
  [host] =>
  [port] => 1
Array (
  [type] => 255
  [title] => Please select one of the options above.
  [path] =>
  [host] =>
  [port] => 1
Array (
  [type] => 255
  [title] => Send complaints to /dev/null
  [path] =>
  [host] =>
  [port] => 1
Array (
  [type] => 255
  [title] => Long live gopher!
  [path] =>
  [host] =>
  [port] => 1

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