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HOME > PHP Manual > mysql_field_type - Get the type of the specified field in a result




(PHP 4, PHP 5, PECL mysql:1.0)

mysql_field_typeGet the type of the specified field in a result


string mysql_field_type ( resource $result , int $field_offset )

mysql_field_type() is similar to the mysql_field_name() function. The arguments are identical, but the field type is returned instead.



The result resource that is being evaluated. This result comes from a call to mysql_query().


The numerical field offset. The field_offset starts at 0. If field_offset does not exist, an error of level E_WARNING is also issued.

Return Values

The returned field type will be one of "int", "real", "string", "blob", and others as detailed in the » MySQL documentation.


Example #1 mysql_field_type() example

$result mysql_query("SELECT * FROM func");
$fields mysql_num_fields($result);
$rows   mysql_num_rows($result);
$table  mysql_field_table($result0);
"Your '" $table "' table has " $fields " fields and " $rows " record(s)\n";
"The table has the following fields:\n";
for (
$i=0$i $fields$i++) {
$type  mysql_field_type($result$i);
$name  mysql_field_name($result$i);
$len   mysql_field_len($result$i);
$flags mysql_field_flags($result$i);
$type " " $name " " $len " " $flags "\n";

The above example will output something similar to:

Your 'func' table has 4 fields and 1 record(s)
The table has the following fields:
string name 64 not_null primary_key binary
int ret 1 not_null
string dl 128 not_null
string type 9 not_null enum


Note: For backward compatibility, the following deprecated alias may be used: mysql_fieldtype()

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