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Patterns are ways to describe best practices and good designs. They show a flexible solution to common programming problems.


The Factory pattern allows for the instantiation of objects at runtime. It is called a Factory Pattern since it is responsible for "manufacturing" an object. A Parameterized Factory receives the name of the class to instantiate as argument.

Example #1 Parameterized Factory Method

class Example
// The parameterized factory method
public static function factory($type)
        if (include_once 
'Drivers/' $type '.php') {
$classname 'Driver_' $type;
            return new 
        } else {
            throw new 
Exception ('Driver not found');

Defining this method in a class allows drivers to be loaded on the fly. If the Example class was a database abstraction class, loading a MySQL and SQLite driver could be done as follows:

// Load a MySQL Driver
$mysql Example::factory('MySQL');

// Load a SQLite Driver
$sqlite Example::factory('SQLite');


The Singleton pattern applies to situations in which there needs to be a single instance of a class. The most common example of this is a database connection. Implementing this pattern allows a programmer to make this single instance easily accessible by many other objects.

Example #2 Singleton Function

class Example
// Hold an instance of the class
private static $instance;
// A private constructor; prevents direct creation of object
private function __construct() 
'I am constructed';

// The singleton method
public static function singleton() 
        if (!isset(
self::$instance)) {
$c __CLASS__;
self::$instance = new $c;

// Example method
public function bark()

// Prevent users to clone the instance
public function __clone()
trigger_error('Clone is not allowed.'E_USER_ERROR);



This allows a single instance of the Example class to be retrieved.

// This would fail because the constructor is private
$test = new Example;

// This will always retrieve a single instance of the class
$test Example::singleton();

// This will issue an E_USER_ERROR.
$test_clone = clone $test;


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