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HOME > PHP Manual > db2_pconnect - Returns a persistent connection to a database




(PECL ibm_db2:1.0-1.6.2)

db2_pconnect Returns a persistent connection to a database


resource db2_pconnect ( string $database , string $username , string $password [, array $options ] )

Returns a persistent connection to an IBM DB2 Universal Database, IBM Cloudscape, or Apache Derby database. For more information on persistent connections, refer to Persistent Database Connections.

Calling db2_close() on a persistent connection always returns TRUE, but the underlying DB2 client connection remains open and waiting to serve the next matching db2_pconnect() request.



The database alias in the DB2 client catalog.


The username with which you are connecting to the database.


The password with which you are connecting to the database.


An associative array of connection options that affect the behavior of the connection, where valid array keys include:


Passing the DB2_AUTOCOMMIT_ON value turns autocommit on for this connection handle.

Passing the DB2_AUTOCOMMIT_OFF value turns autocommit off for this connection handle.


Passing the DB2_CASE_NATURAL value specifies that column names are returned in natural case.

Passing the DB2_CASE_LOWER value specifies that column names are returned in lower case.

Passing the DB2_CASE_UPPER value specifies that column names are returned in upper case.


Passing the DB2_FORWARD_ONLY value specifies a forward-only cursor for a statement resource. This is the default cursor type and is supported on all database servers.

Passing the DB2_SCROLLABLE value specifies a scrollable cursor for a statement resource. This mode enables random access to rows in a result set, but currently is supported only by IBM DB2 Universal Database.

Return Values

Returns a connection handle resource if the connection attempt is successful. db2_pconnect() tries to reuse an existing connection resource that exactly matches the database , username , and password parameters. If the connection attempt fails, db2_pconnect() returns FALSE.


Example #1 A db2_pconnect() example

In the following example, the first call to db2_pconnect() returns a new persistent connection resource. The second call to db2_pconnect() returns a persistent connection resource that simply reuses the first persistent connection resource.

$user 'db2inst1';
$password 'ibmdb2';

$pconn db2_pconnect($database$user$password);

if (
$pconn) {
"Persistent connection succeeded.";
else {
"Persistent connection failed.";

$pconn2 db2_pconnect($database$user$password);
if (
$pconn) {
"Second persistent connection succeeded.";
else {
"Second persistent connection failed.";

The above example will output:

Persistent connection succeeded.
Second persistent connection succeeded.

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