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HOME > PHP Manual > SAMConnection->receive - Receive a message from a queue or subscription.




(No version information available, might be only in CVS)

SAMConnection->receive Receive a message from a queue or subscription.


SAMMessage receive ( string $target [, array $properties ] )



The identity of the queue, topic or subscription from which to receive the message.


An optional associative array of properties describing other parameters to control the receive operation.
Property name Possible values
SAM_CORRELID Used to request selection of the message to receive based upon the correlation id string of the message.
SAM_MESSAGEID Used to request selection of the message to receive based upon the message id string of the message.
SAM_WAIT Timeout value in milliseconds to control how long the request should block waiting to receive a message before returning with a failure if no message is available on the queue or topic. The default value is 0 meaning wait indefinitely and should be used with caution as the request may wait until the overall PHP script processing time limit has expired if no message becomes available.

Return Values

This method returns a SAMMessage object or FALSE if an error occurs.


Example #1 Receiving a message from a queue


if (!
$msg) {
// The receive failed!
echo "Receive failed ($conn->errno) $conn->error";

Example #2 Receiving a message from a queue with options

In this example the SAM_CORRELID option is used to specify a correlation id string to be used to identify the message to receive. A wait timeout of 10 seconds is also specified.


$conn->receive('queue://receive/test', array(SAM_CORRELID => $tokenSAM_WAIT => 10000));


Example #3 Receiving a message from a subscription

In this example we show how to receive a message from a subscription id.


if (!
$msg) {
// The receive failed!
echo "Receive failed ($conn->errno) $conn->error";

Please note that $subscriptionName is a subscription id returned from an earlier subscribe call.

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