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SAM Functions

Predefined Classes


Object representing a connection to a Messaging Server


  • new SAMConnection - construct a new connection object to allow connection to a messaging infrastructure.


  • commit - a method that commits (successfully completes) an in-flight unit of work.

  • connect - a method that connects a PHP script to a messaging server.

  • disconnect - a method that disconnects a PHP script from a messaging server.

  • isConnected - a method that checks whether a PHP script is connected to a messaging server.

  • peek - a method that receives a message from a queue without removing it from the queue.

  • peekAll - a method that receives one or messages from a queue without removing them from the queue.

  • receive - a method that receives a message from a queue or subscription.

  • remove - a method that removes a message from a queue.

  • rollback - a method that cancels (rolls back) an in-flight unit of work.

  • send - a method that sends a message to a queue or posts to a topic

  • setDebug - a method that switches additional debugging output on or off

  • subscribe - a method that creates a subscription to one or more topics

  • unsubscribe - a method that destroys a subscription to one or more topics


  • errno - the numeric error code for the last encountered error on this connection. This property is set to 0 if the last operation was successful.

  • error - the text description for the last encountered error on this connection


Object representing a message to be sent or received



  • body - the body of the message.

  • header - the header properties of the message.

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