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HOME > PHP Manual > IntlDateFormatter::parse - Parse string to a timestamp value





(No version information available, might be only in CVS)

IntlDateFormatter::parse -- datefmt_parseParse string to a timestamp value


Object oriented style

integer IntlDateFormatter::parse ( string $value [, integer &$position ] )

Procedural style

integer datefmt_parse ( IntlDateFormatter $fmt , string $value [, integer &$position ] )

Converts string $value to an incremental time value, starting at $parse_pos and consuming as much of the input value as possible.



The formatter resource


string to convert to a time


Position at which to start the parsing in $value (zero-based). If no error occurs before $value is consumed, $parse_pos will contain -1 otherwise it will contain the position at which parsing ended (and the error occurred). This variable will contain the end position if the parse fails. If $parse_pos > strlen($value), the parse fails immediately.

Return Values

timestamp parsed value


Example #1 datefmt_parse() example

= new IntlDateFormatter"en_US" ,IntlDateFormatter::FULL,IntlDateFormatter::FULL,'America/Los_Angeles',IntlDateFormatter::GREGORIAN  );
"First parsed output is ".$fmt->parse("Wednesday, December 31, 1969 4:00:00 PM PT");
$fmt = new IntlDateFormatter"de-DE" ,IntlDateFormatter::FULL,IntlDateFormatter::FULL,'America/Los_Angeles',IntlDateFormatter::GREGORIAN  );
"Second parsed output is ".$fmt->parse("Mittwoch, 31. Dezember 1969 16:00 Uhr GMT-08:00");

Example #2 OO example

datefmt_create"en_US" ,IntlDateFormatter::FULL,IntlDateFormatter::FULL,'America/Los_Angeles',IntlDateFormatter::GREGORIAN  );
"First parsed output is ".datefmt_parse$fmt ,  "Wednesday, December 20, 1989 4:00:00 PM PT");
$fmt datefmt_create"de-DE" ,IntlDateFormatter::FULL,IntlDateFormatter::FULL,'America/Los_Angeles',IntlDateFormatter::GREGORIAN  );
"Second parsed output is ".datefmt_parse$fmt "Mittwoch, 20. Dezember 1989 16:00 Uhr GMT-08:00");

The above example will output:

First parsed output is 630201600
Second parsed output is 630201600

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