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HOME > PHP Manual > db2_columns - Returns a result set listing the columns and associated metadata for a table




(PECL ibm_db2:1.0-1.6.2)

db2_columns Returns a result set listing the columns and associated metadata for a table


resource db2_columns ( resource $connection [, string $qualifier [, string $schema [, string $table-name [, string $column-name ]]]] )

Returns a result set listing the columns and associated metadata for a table.



A valid connection to an IBM DB2, Cloudscape, or Apache Derby database.


A qualifier for DB2 databases running on OS/390 or z/OS servers. For other databases, pass NULL or an empty string.


The schema which contains the tables. To match all schemas, pass '%'.


The name of the table or view. To match all tables in the database, pass NULL or an empty string.


The name of the column. To match all columns in the table, pass NULL or an empty string.

Return Values

Returns a statement resource with a result set containing rows describing the columns matching the specified parameters. The rows are composed of the following columns:
Column name Description
TABLE_CAT Name of the catalog. The value is NULL if this table does not have catalogs.
TABLE_SCHEM Name of the schema.
TABLE_NAME Name of the table or view.
COLUMN_NAME Name of the column.
DATA_TYPE The SQL data type for the column represented as an integer value.
TYPE_NAME A string representing the data type for the column.
COLUMN_SIZE An integer value representing the size of the column.
BUFFER_LENGTH Maximum number of bytes necessary to store data from this column.
DECIMAL_DIGITS The scale of the column, or NULL where scale is not applicable.
NUM_PREC_RADIX An integer value of either 10 (representing an exact numeric data type), 2 (representing an approximate numeric data type), or NULL (representing a data type for which radix is not applicable).
NULLABLE An integer value representing whether the column is nullable or not.
REMARKS Description of the column.
COLUMN_DEF Default value for the column.
SQL_DATA_TYPE An integer value representing the size of the column.
SQL_DATETIME_SUB Returns an integer value representing a datetime subtype code, or NULL for SQL data types to which this does not apply.
CHAR_OCTET_LENGTH Maximum length in octets for a character data type column, which matches COLUMN_SIZE for single-byte character set data, or NULL for non-character data types.
ORDINAL_POSITION The 1-indexed position of the column in the table.
IS_NULLABLE A string value where 'YES' means that the column is nullable and 'NO' means that the column is not nullable.

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