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(PHP 4, PHP 5)

freadBinary-safe file read


string fread ( resource $handle , int $length )

fread() reads up to length bytes from the file pointer referenced by handle . Reading stops as soon as one of the following conditions is met:

  • length bytes have been read
  • EOF (end of file) is reached
  • a packet becomes available (for network streams)
  • 8192 bytes have been read (after opening userspace stream)



A file system pointer resource that is typically created using fopen().


Up to length number of bytes read.

Return Values

Returns the read string or FALSE in case of error.


Example #1 A simple fread() example

// get contents of a file into a string
$filename "/usr/local/something.txt";
$handle fopen($filename"r");
$contents fread($handlefilesize($filename));

Example #2 Binary fread() example


On systems which differentiate between binary and text files (i.e. Windows) the file must be opened with 'b' included in fopen() mode parameter.

$handle fopen($filename"rb");
$contents fread($handlefilesize($filename));

Example #3 Remote fread() examples


When reading from anything that is not a regular local file, such as streams returned when reading remote files or from popen() and fsockopen(), reading will stop after a packet is available. This means that you should collect the data together in chunks as shown in the examples below.

// For PHP 5 and up
$handle fopen("""rb");
$contents stream_get_contents($handle);
$contents '';
while (!
feof($handle)) {
$contents .= fread($handle8192);


Note: If you just want to get the contents of a file into a string, use file_get_contents() as it has much better performance than the code above.

Note: Note that fread() reads from the current position of the file pointer. Use ftell() to find the current position of the pointer and rewind() to rewind the pointer position.

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