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Filesystem Functions

See Also

For related functions, see also the Directory and Program Execution sections.

For a list and explanation of the various URL wrappers that can be used as remote files, see also List of Supported Protocols/Wrappers.

Table of Contents

  • basename — Returns filename component of path
  • chgrp — Changes file group
  • chmod — Changes file mode
  • chown — Changes file owner
  • clearstatcache — Clears file status cache
  • copy — Copies file
  • delete — See unlink or unset
  • dirname — Returns directory name component of path
  • disk_free_space — Returns available space in directory
  • disk_total_space — Returns the total size of a directory
  • diskfreespace — Alias of disk_free_space
  • fclose — Closes an open file pointer
  • feof — Tests for end-of-file on a file pointer
  • fflush — Flushes the output to a file
  • fgetc — Gets character from file pointer
  • fgetcsv — Gets line from file pointer and parse for CSV fields
  • fgets — Gets line from file pointer
  • fgetss — Gets line from file pointer and strip HTML tags
  • file_exists — Checks whether a file or directory exists
  • file_get_contents — Reads entire file into a string
  • file_put_contents — Write a string to a file
  • file — Reads entire file into an array
  • fileatime — Gets last access time of file
  • filectime — Gets inode change time of file
  • filegroup — Gets file group
  • fileinode — Gets file inode
  • filemtime — Gets file modification time
  • fileowner — Gets file owner
  • fileperms — Gets file permissions
  • filesize — Gets file size
  • filetype — Gets file type
  • flock — Portable advisory file locking
  • fnmatch — Match filename against a pattern
  • fopen — Opens file or URL
  • fpassthru — Output all remaining data on a file pointer
  • fputcsv — Format line as CSV and write to file pointer
  • fputs — Alias of fwrite
  • fread — Binary-safe file read
  • fscanf — Parses input from a file according to a format
  • fseek — Seeks on a file pointer
  • fstat — Gets information about a file using an open file pointer
  • ftell — Tells file pointer read/write position
  • ftruncate — Truncates a file to a given length
  • fwrite — Binary-safe file write
  • glob — Find pathnames matching a pattern
  • is_dir — Tells whether the filename is a directory
  • is_executable — Tells whether the filename is executable
  • is_file — Tells whether the filename is a regular file
  • is_link — Tells whether the filename is a symbolic link
  • is_readable — Tells whether the filename is readable
  • is_uploaded_file — Tells whether the file was uploaded via HTTP POST
  • is_writable — Tells whether the filename is writable
  • is_writeable — Alias of is_writable
  • lchgrp — Changes group ownership of symlink
  • lchown — Changes user ownership of symlink
  • link — Create a hard link
  • linkinfo — Gets information about a link
  • lstat — Gives information about a file or symbolic link
  • mkdir — Makes directory
  • move_uploaded_file — Moves an uploaded file to a new location
  • parse_ini_file — Parse a configuration file
  • pathinfo — Returns information about a file path
  • pclose — Closes process file pointer
  • popen — Opens process file pointer
  • readfile — Outputs a file
  • readlink — Returns the target of a symbolic link
  • realpath — Returns canonicalized absolute pathname
  • rename — Renames a file or directory
  • rewind — Rewind the position of a file pointer
  • rmdir — Removes directory
  • set_file_buffer — Alias of stream_set_write_buffer
  • stat — Gives information about a file
  • symlink — Creates a symbolic link
  • tempnam — Create file with unique file name
  • tmpfile — Creates a temporary file
  • touch — Sets access and modification time of file
  • umask — Changes the current umask
  • unlink — Deletes a file

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